Work Process

1. Registration

Start your journey at 1 DOLLAR DIGITIZING by registering for free. We verified your registration via email.

2. Quote

Once registered, you can contact us 24/7 to request unlimited quotes. Our dedicated team will get back to you as soon as possible.

3. Order Placement

After having the quote, carefully fill the order form online with all the compulsory boxes having asterisk (*) on it. Furthermore, if you still have more to say, let us know in the additional comment box.

4. Processing

Once the order form is received, our team assesses the design thoroughly in the light of information provided via form. If any further queries arise from our end which is not answered in the form then we refer back to you via email to eliminate any confusion or discrepancy.

5. Digitizing

After having all the required information, our digitizing team starts its work to turn your design into stitch-perfect reality.

6. Quality Assurance

Once the digitizing process is completed, the design is gone through different phases of quality assurance (QA). Once the QA Team approves the design, then it is ready to send to you.

7. Customer Satisfaction and Payment

After our complete examination process, the design file is sent to you to check the “preview” of final design. You can download and review the design preview. If happy, you can make the payment and download the design file in required format. If there is any changes or edits needed, there is no need to pay, just request an edit and allow us a few hours to get back to you with the edited file.

8. Payment Options

Customers are able to pay for the services through any means suitable to them like; Debit or Credit Cards, Master Card, Visa Card, Bank Wire or PayPal.