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    Custom Embroidery Digitizing Near Me

    We are one of the leading custom embroidery companies in the United States. We have been working on custom embroidery digitizing for over 12 years, and we have valuable delighted clients from across the world. They trust our services and rely on the best service given by our capable and Experienced Staff Individuals. We prioritize our clients and provide them with the very best services possible. We complete their Tasks at the mentioned period to save them from pressure. We are productive due to the trust of our clients that they see in our excellent custom embroidery digitizing service.

    Offering Online Embroidery Digitizing Services with Brilliant Quality

    We never compromise on the quality of the work we are delivering. For us, our customers and their satisfaction is our priority. We will be setting up in converting the most of intricate work with complete and incomplete precision. We set the services in affordable rates and with the on quick hand delivery for the customers. We can also place upon in digitizing the image for embroidery. All through the access of our custom embroidery digitizing that would be letting the customization and even the conversion to the miniature set of details, we make sure we are offering top-notch quality for every dime spent.

    Talk About Custom Embroidery Digitizing Main Services:

    Now if you are heading to be part of our Embroidery company, then knowing about our Embroidery digitizing services is an important thing to do. Some of the major services given by our company are:

    Embroidery Digitizing:

    We offer the best of Embroidery digitizing services ranging from the simple to some intricate excellent piece of designs. Most of the customers have issues of getting blurred images in the digitizing process. But we assure that our customers would not be facing any such problems. You just need to give us the specific requirements and specifications or your order and rest of the job is ours.

    3D Puff Embroidery Digitizing:

    Puff Embroidery is a program that is attached with the 3D effect in the Embroidery Digitizing access. It is normally done on the clothing wear that does not need to give away with much of washing. This business technique is best to be used on the clothing items like jackets, caps and another form of the outerwear pieces. We have the highly experienced team of professionals to perform this duty course. Customers just have to make us identify about the area where they want to add the effects of 3D puff Embroidery. This style of Embroidery is done in two variations of either in the traditional way of in the customary form of machine Embroidery to show levels and definition within the design!

    Chain Stitch Embroidery:

    Get the absolutely extraordinary and best services of chain stitch Embroidery from our platform! They are simple to do and fun in appearance to carry out with. You might not have listened about, but it looks much dramatic and pleasant on a piece of clothing. This Embroidery style is done through the use of too much floss and is presented in a perfect way by the supervision of our experienced team.

    Vector Art:

    We have the excellent service of vector art as well that is scalable for the customers. We have the professional team of experts for carrying our vector art services. Through this service, you would be able to enlarge the vector files within any size without losing any sort of quality. They are not based on pixels and are completely based on mathematically calculated objects. Our team will make sure that they carry out to convert the vector files in a complete premium and superior resulting formations for the customers. We have this service that is perfectly meant for promotional products and in the range of marketing companies that are in need of quickly convert vector transforms.

    Applique Embroidery:

    The service of applique Embroidery Digitizing is a complete needlework technique where small pieces of cloth are stitched into some base clothing piece. This method of Embroidery style has been originated from French work which means to apply. It is a form of patchwork that is applied on the piece of clothing as the medium of designing. It is done all through the use of decorating with beads sequins, cords, ribbons or any other materials. It is much easy to do. The sewing machine can help a lot to make the applique designing task easy to do. Appliques are also used in the finishing of batches. Digital zone is the best platform to give the premium services of applique Embroidery Digitizing. We have the 24/7 service that will allow you to book your order or even edit your order at any time you just need to make a single call or visit our website for the best service.

    Our Services

    embroidery digitizing

    Embroidery Digitizing

    We work with the top embroidery digitizing softwares such as Wilcom Embroidery Studio e4.5, Wings' XP 6, Tajima DG16 by Pulse, APS Ethos, DesignShop v11

    chain stitch embroidery

    Chain Stitch Embroidery

    Chain Stitch is another great and creative way to give life to your logo on a garment. Digitizing of a design with Chain stitch require more time and patience because we need to compose each and every stitch same as we do for the cross stitch. We have specialist digitizers who work on chain stitch designs.

    vector art services

    Vector Art

    We creat the best vector art and color separation by using Coreldraw and Adobe Illustrator for all kinds of printing on all types of clothing and accessories. It includes Direct-to-Garment Prining (DTG), Screen Printing, Heat Transfer Prining, AOP, DTF,Vinyl Prining and Digital Printing etc.

    3d puff embroidery

    3D Puff Embroidery

    It is the best way to represent your logo on Hat or Visor because it catches the eye. Our most experienced digitizers can produce unmatched quality for your 3d puff embroidery.

    Applique embroidery digitizing services

    Applique Embroidery

    When you want to save stitches, time, and thread without compromising the look, quality, and greatness of your design, it's a wise decision to go for the Applique embroidery. You can cover the body areas of the design with single or multiple fabrics precisely cut as per the design.

    photo digitizing

    Photo Digitizing

    Digitizing a photo instead of an artwork requires a lot of experience and excellent creative skills. It's not a cup of tea for every digitizer. You need a real master of digitizing to do the job for you. And here we are.

    How We Work?

    We convert art work or designs into digital files that can be read by computerized custom embroidery machines. This involves using specialized software to recreate the art work in a format that the machine can understand. The digitizer analyzes the design, determines stitch types, and assigns specific instructions for the machine to follow. This includes deciding on the type of stitches, stitch direction, thread colors, and stitch density. Once the design is digitized, it can be transferred to the embroidery machine where the design is meticulously stitched onto fabrics or garments. .

    We Make Things With Love


    We offer matchless support with Geek Squad Digitizer ready to provide online embroidery services 24/7.

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    Why 1D Is The Best Choice For You?

    The Digitizing Zone is founded in 1995, it is a   Canadian embroidery digitizing company  based in Calgary. After a long and difficult period, we finally overcome the problems associated with offshore operations. We have spent a long time, but this dedicated effort has enabled us to offer our clients the best international talent at incredible prices.

    Why 1D Is The Best Choice For You?

    Our clients share their creative artwork and let us know what they exactly need. Our innovative team converts their creative imaginations into the required format. Use of cutting-edge technology and the latest software to digitize a logo enable us to deliver a design that can run smoothly on embroidery machines.

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    To help you make the Embroidery digitizing task perfect to carry out, we have the team of experienced professionals. They are excellent in their work of converting the vector art into the superb piece of artwork. All because of the hard work of experts and professionals working in the Embroidery digitizing, you will be able to get some custom designs of Embroidery logo scanning into a machine ready file. We will be providing the scanned based data in so many formats, including with CSD, EXP, PCD, PCS, T05, T04, T03 and so on. The form will be depending entirely on the requirements and needs of the clients at the time of placing the orders. We handle different types of services for customers, where we offer embroidery digitizing for tiny letters. We have a puff and 3D effects of embroidery scanning services as well. We will resize your image without bringing any distortion in the practical results for you.

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