Pricing can be changed without any prior notice.
Free trial is only for the users, signup with a company domain based email addresses like you@yourdomain.com.
Signups with free email addresses (like YAHOO, MSN, HOTMAIL, GMAIL, AOL and others) are not eligible for a free trial.
A minor or major edit will be decided by 1 DOLLAR DIGITIZING.
The fee for major editing or the fee for editing files that have not been digitized by 1 DOLLAR DIGITIZING will be decided by 1 DOLLAR DIGITIZING.
Edits for designs that are older than 2 weeks will be charged.
Size change (up-size) orders will be charged only the difference of stitches between the original design and the up-sized design.
Terms (credit) of 15 days is available to firms holding an account with us for more than three months and giving business of at least $250 during a fortnight (15 days).
Payments can be made via - American Express, Diners Club, Discover, JCB, Master Card, Visa, Bank Wire.
For payments via PayPal, only advance payments are accepted.
Sew outs if ordered, will be done unlimited number of times, until your design sews out perfectly. The sew out will be judged by 1 DOLLAR DIGITIZING and a scan of the final sew out will be sent to the client (24 HOURS in addition to the selected turnaround time will be taken for sew outs).
Designs are made as per order. Please be carefully while entering the design size, 1 DOLLAR DIGITIZING will not give credits over any design if the dimensions had been entered incorrectly by you.
Designs/Orders are made within the time frame chosen by you. 1 DOLLAR DIGITIZING will not be hold responsible for any time that is affected by unforeseen natural or technical problems. However we will compensate with the urgent fees if any.
Account will be locked if an invoice older than 7 days is not cleared (paid). You will not be able to place any new orders or quotes in that case (making the pending payments will unlock the account instantly).
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